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Hello My Name is CFuller06. I have a suggestion to add to Teldaria for cities.
War would be initiated by the leader of a city against another one. However, both cities would have to accept the war as of a way to keep new cities from getting targeted. After that the cities will have 7 days to prepare. After this both sides can initiate a war to capture the other city's capital. Once this is initiated a five minute warning will be sent to both cities and then everyone in those cities will be teleported to the city being raided, the defenders in the inside and the attackers on the outside.
Phase 1
The attackers will then defend a siege ram or catapult while the defenders will try and destroy it. If the walls are penetrated PvP and griefing will be enabled and allowed inside the city. The next phase will be the attackers attempting to destroy a banner deep inside a castle or such.
Phase 2
If the defenders successfully kill 200% of all the attacking city members without them being able to destroy the banner they win, however if a attacker destroys the banner the city will fall and the defenders will automatically be unable to attack the defenders without retribution.
Phase 3
After the battle finishes /c spawn and any homes there will be disabled for thirty minutes and the attackers will temporarily have it claimed under their name. All the defenders will be unable to leave the city or teleport anyone in until they are killed. In this time the attackers can loot, grief and do anything to the defender's city. However if the attack fails the attackers will get teleported back to their city and life would continue on as normal.

Other information
-Keep inventory will be activated until the city has been successfully defended or the city has fallen
-The city will include any nearby claimed structures in a 50 block radius.
-The catapult/ Siege Ram will have 500 health and will wear a 2x3x3 block hole each 2 minutes
-Walls will have a limited thickness able to be 5 blocks thick at most
-The defenders can use archer placements to their advantage
-If the attack fails another attack can be launched by the city in two days while the defenders can also attack the enemy's city in this time.
-Beacons will have no effect during any raids
-Any outsiders can not interfere with the battles including mobs
-The weather will be instantly cleared and made day
-New players with newbie pvp protection will not be teleported to the battle
-Too balance things out one side can have no more than a 2 player advantge over the other and the other city members may spectate but are unable to fight. Members of the battle will be chosen by the leader or highest ranking official
-New ranks to city: King, Advisor, Noble, Civilian from highest to lowest
-Kings have access to everything
-Advisors can access everything but can not initiate a war
-Nobles may have access to grinders or other special privileges
-Civilians can access only their house
-Blocks can be placed anywhere in the city during the raid aside from the castle in which the banner is held
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I'd love for cities to be explored more in general. It would be nice to have in city ranks, ally cities, enemy cities, wars, player made lore etc. Love the idea, though it could use with a few tweaks here and there!