Update the Brewery Plugin

I think it is a good idea to add more recipes to the Brewery Plugin especially the ones in the thread called "[Guide] Teldaria Brewery Plugin." I have brewed quite a bit with trial and error to find more recipes that are not part of the 'standard' drinks, but I have not found any. This leads me to believe that the recipes suggested were not added in or the recipes added were too obscure for a player to find. Not many players have interest in this aspect of the game which is exemplified by the lack of drinks in the market and the low price of drinks. To gain interest in this aspect, I propose that more recipes should be added either announced(the recipe being known) and/or have the recipes left for the player to be discovered.

As Magpie Maydin said in the Brewery Tutorial thread, "I wish there was an NPC that would buy booze, like there is for fish. It takes a decent amount of time and attention to make, but there's not a lot of reason to", I agree that there should be a NPC to sell to similar to fishing so that there is a reason to brew and not just for fun.


Develop a feature that allows player to offer drinks to any NPC in spawn to boost whatever the NPC does. For example, if you offer Beer to the Item Crusher NPC, there would be a chance the NPC would give more essence.

Thank you and please consider this suggestion.