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We've been working on a large update for awhile and plan on releasing it in 2 stages this month. The first wave of the update will be large content additions with some gameplay changes which will be released next weekend. The second wave of updates will come at the end of the month to expand more on gameplay mechanics and economy. With this release we will be updating the server to minecraft 1.12.2.
With the update we will also be having a full reset. With the item revamp, we'd have to do a full custom item reset anyway, because of the way these are now handled server side with item generation, it wouldn't be easy for us to create a port system like we did the last time the items got revamped. The server has been active without a reset for about a year at this point, the economy is rather old and it's becoming increasingly difficult for new players to catch up. We understand that this is a shock for a lot of people but we hope that you understand that we are doing what we think is best for the longevity of the server. That being said all donation items will be returned after the reset. We will be waiting a week to return keys however to allow players a chance to get settled in after the reset and not be hunted down immediately from the people who will have a significant gear advantage from keys.

Update notes for next weekend:
New Server:
In the poll we talked about adding 2 new servers, however for the time being we will only be adding one additional server.
This server will be pve oriented and will have towny instead of the usual gpp and cities. It's a different dynamic but one I'm sure a lot of you are already familiar with. Pvp in the overworld will also be disabled on this new server.

City Upgrades:
Joining a large, well funded city will now have various benefits to go along with it, Cities can upgrade various aspects of themselves to boost production inside the city and unlock various new city features. However a population limit was added to balance this.
Some of the planned city upgrades are as follows:
- City population limit
- City warp locations
- Spawner speeds
- Crop growth speeds
- Bonus exp
- Beacon effects while in city limits
- More to come with and after the update

We're finally ready to release dungeons. The entire system had to be redone after the first broke. That being said, Nightbane made major improvements to the way instancing is handled and user interface in the dungeon.
- 1 Dungeon on initial release with 2 modes (Medium, hard)
- More to come (While we did test it with a small group on the dev server, we haven't had a chance to test it under load so it will essentially be in a beta phase)
- Dungeons will have varying level requirements to enter
- Scoreboard to show party members and party current health
- Dungeon bosses will have a low chance of dropping unique sets of equipment along with their regular rewards

Adding or revamping dimensions has always ended up making them the best place to farm. That being said we want to make access to dimensions come with gameplay progression. Access to the nether will still be free but The End and the new dimension (The Corrupted forest) will have a level requirement to enter.

Items have been updated and revamped. The main goal of this is to make items less convoluted and to add direct purpose to various pieces of equipment.
Item update features:
- All custom tools (With the exception of hoes) will be treated as weapons from now on when determining their enchantments and stat bonuses
- Pickaxes will now have an exaggerated version of axe stats. Featuring higher attack damage but at a much slower speed
- Shovels will now have reduced damage compared to a sword but will have a longer effective range (4-5 blocks instead of the standard 3). For balancing purposes they will not get pvp damage bonuses
- Hoes are fine in their current state, being used mostly as a pve weapon, I may integrate them into the pvp side of things by having them do drastically reduced damage to make up for their high attack speed but have high armour penetration. Further testing is required
- Shields will now be the only item with block rate and block damage. This should hopefully give more of an incentive to getting a higher tier shield and to not have rolling a shield feel like a total waste.
- Bows will be receiving a slight nerf
- Implementing custom arrows, they will have their own damage bonuses and unique on hit effects
- Block rate and dodge rate are being nerfed slightly. Pure spec builds lead to some crazy unbalanced sets of armour
- Rune slots on equipment will be rarer.
- Unique named item sets that will provide bonuses when all items are equipped. These can be obtained from bosses, dungeons, promotions or events

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to message anyone on the management team and we will try to assist you to the best of our abilities.
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