tshop resets


New Member
It seems that the tshop has been reset so many times I have lost count and everytime it does anything I put in there disappears. I am hesitant to even use the tshop anymore because I now just assume that it will be reset again soon anyways. My question is are these resets a bug or by design? Is there actually going to be a stable tshop?
tShops being removed from the market every week is intended, as it allowed players to get new locations and move around within the market, rather than 1 player capitalizing on just a single spot. However, items being removed and wiped is not intended functionality. One of the fixes over this weekend that was implemented should resolve the disappearing items as the tShops should now save more often. If you have lost items that you would like replaced, please let a staff member know and we can get replacements coordinated.