tShop - Chest Shops you can place in claims and cities!

Hello Teldarians!

With a new Teldaria we have launched some new features. This now includes the addition of our very own tShop which allows players to place a chest shop within their claim or city to sell items.

You may have noticed this new addition to spawn:
spawn shop.png

As you can see, you must be on a claim you have permissions to build to place a tShop.

Once you are in the spot you want to place it, use the "/tshop" command in chat (no " ").
chat create request.png

Once you have entered an acceptable shop name, chat will confirm you have successfully created the chest shop and your tShop will be placed at your feet.
chat confirmation of shop created.png

Congratulations, you have just created a tShop! However, no one can buy things from your tShop yet. You will have to put some items in it and open for business.
closed shop.png

When you open up your tShop you will notice you have some slots to place items. The higher your in game rank, the more slots you will have to add items to your tShop.
empty shop.png

So how do you place items into your tShop? While in the tShop inventory just click on the stack of items you want to place for sale. Chat will then ask you for the price of ONE item. This is critical to make sure you set appropriately. For example, if you want to put up a stack of Iron blocks for $1600, you have to put the sale price in as $25 because that is the price of ONE item.
chat request.png

**Important tShop editing and management tip**
Lets say you accidentally placed the item up for the wrong price or the wrong item altogether. You can remove the item from the tShop while it is closed by left clicking the item; similarly, you can edit the sale price of the item by right clicking while the shop is closed.

Now that there are items in the tShop, you can open it for business. To do open your tShop click the grey dye in the lower right hand corner of the tShop interface (boxed in red blow). This will change the tShop hologram to now be green and show other players that they can buy items from you. Similarly, when you want to manage your tShop, just click the green dye and it will close the tShop for maintenance.
Interface highlighted.png Open Shop.png

Once you have sold some items its time to collect the money. You can use the "/tcollection" command to open up the collection interface. This will allow you to retrieve both money and any items.

**removing your tShop**

tShops can be removed by just breaking the chest, or by opening the interface and clicking cancel next to the open/close dye button. This will allow you to place your tShop in a more ideal location or change the shop name as needed.



New Member
I have a feeling the spamming will increase when everyone is asking "Who has a Tshop?", "Tpa for Tshop!"
It would be better if there was a way to find all the Tshops without asking all the time.
@Creationest at this point there is not "buying" version of the chest shop, just a selling one. I personally think this is a good idea but am not sure how hard it would be to implement. Put in a suggestion for it and the devs can take a look.

@Piktor there are plans for a market world just for chest shops similar to spawn. I am not sure when this is going to be released. Probably the most effective use it will have will be in cities where there are multiple people within the same area.