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I've noticed there's a lot of talk and suggestions on PvP for cities, so I'll focus on the PvE side.
To encourage further commitment and participation in cities, it would be interesting to have events occur when certain requirements are met by players or the city itself.
I admit these events aren't in the least original, but perhaps they could provide a framework for something similar down the road.

Mob Raid
5 minutes before the event, all residents in the city are given a warning of the impending raid. Specific mobs or species of them spawn on the city in waves. Participating residents must stave off each wave, with every following wave having more mobs to fight. At the final wave, there's a % chance for a miniboss to spawn. Participants who died during the event are not allowed to teleport, /c spawn, or /home back until the end of the event (or wave).

Win Requirements: Kill all mobs within the set timeframe (10-30 minutes)
Rewards: Mobs during the wave may drop items appropriate to their tier. Should a miniboss spawn and die, all participants are rewarded with a tiered bottle appropriate to that miniboss' tier.

Lose: Mobs are still present in the city after the given timeframe, or all participating residents have died.
Consequences: I prefer none, but I guess it might be possible to have all participants lose a % of their $ balance (I'm thinking 5-20%). Residents can still drop gear upon death.

Event Prerequisites:
- Set % chance to occur every 4-6 hours, AND
- City claim must be at least 50x50 blocks, AND
- A set amount of residents must be physically present in the city. This is to stop cities with 1-3 players from taking advantage of scaling issues.

To keep things simpler and less strenuous on the server, I think 5 or fewer waves would be appropriate, the 5th wave being the final.

Mob type and tiers can be based on the average player level (shortened to APL) of participating citizens. For example:
APL =< 100: Cave Dwellers, Skeletons, Vindicators (Forgotten)
APL 101 - 200: Cannibals, Bandits, Regenerators, (Ghostly)
APL 201 - 300: Nether mobs, such as Minions, Hellhounds, Demons (Tormented)
APL 301 - 400 Ender mobs, excluding Ender Knight (Hellish)
APL 400+: Ender mobs, including Ender Knight (Fatal)
Minibosses could follow an equivalent scale. Not exactly sure how, as I've only encountered 1 type of miniboss so far.

The numbers of mobs per wave could increase based on the number of participants at the beginning of the event. i.e, for 4 participants:
Wave 1 = 1x, 4 mobs
Wave 2 = 1.5x, 6 mobs
Wave 3 = 2x, 8 mobs
Wave 4 = 2.5x, 10 mobs
Wave 5 = 3x, 12 mobs, + 20% chance for miniboss

- APL might not be the best option for scaling mobs as gear can be shared, and players can farm early on for high tiered gear. As such, having the mobs' HP and damage scaled to the number of participants might be preferable.
- I realize there are some cities with a large number of residents (Yeet and Twelveoaks come to mind), so a cap on the # of mobs per wave might be necessary to prevent lag.

Further events suggestions will be presented in separate posts.
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Defuse That Bomb!
5 minutes before the event, all residents are warned and told to enter their city to participate. All participants are then warned during the event that TNT has been placed inside the city. Residents have a set period of time to try and find them before the timer ends and blows up whatever is placed nearby. Participants who leave the city during the event are not allowed to /c spawn, teleport, or /home back to the city until the end of the event

Win Requirements: Find all bombs within the time limit (5-10 minutes).
Rewards: TNT, resources, or perhaps fixed amounts of cash for the players who found/destroyed the bombs ($100-1000 per bomb).

Lose Requirements: Bombs explode/time limit expires.
Consequences: Destroyed blocks (from the explosion), or none (check Notes)

Event Prerequisites:
- Must have 2+ residents physically present in the city, AND
- Set % chance to occur every 2-6 hours.

- The number of bombs present will scale proportionately to the number of participants.
- The time limit can be fixed or based on the size of the city claim.

Offline/non-participating residents will be at a severe disadvantage, as potentially their chests/farms are prone to loss and theft. It may be preferable to keep certain items (chests, non-hostile mobs, spawners, etc) from being damaged. Other options include:
- Have the bombs affect the participants' HP instead (# of bombs scaled to the damage done)
- Have the bombs do no damage. (Rewards could be scaled down to make up for the lack of consequence).


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Meteor Shower/Natural Disasters
5 minutes before the event, all residents are warned and told to enter their city to participate. Meteors will then bombard the city and continue to do so until the time limit, or when a participant finds the sign (the item) placed somewhere inside the city and destroys/activates it. Participants who leave or die during the event are not allowed to /c spawn, teleport, or /home back to the city until the end of the event.

Win: Find the sign(post) within the time limit. (5-10 minutes)
Reward: Fixed amount of cash for a single individual. ($1000-5000)

Lose: Sign(post) still present after the time limit expires. All participants have died.
Consequence: None.

Event Prerequisites:
- Must have 4+ residents physically present in the city, AND
- Set % chance to occur every 6 hours.

- Damage done by meteors could be fixed or scaled to the APL of participants.

Further Development: Rather than focus on just meteors, it may be possible to have the other natural disasters that I've seen occur on Teldaria take place as well. Things like:
- Tornados (or the flaming one I've seen occur before)
- Thunderstorms (probably with a higher chance of striking players)
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Item Harvest
5 minutes before the event, all residents are told to enter their city to participate. A specific item of a certain amount will be demanded, and participants will need to collect and place them in a designated chest before the time limit ends. That collection chest, however, also needs to be found!

Win: Collect all items within the time limit.
Reward: Fixed amount of resources/cash shared amongst all participants. The designated chest stays in the city along with its contents.

Lose: Time limit expires before all items are collected.
Consequence: The chest and its items are lost.

Event Prerequisites:
- Must have 2+ residents physically present in the city, AND
- Set % chance to occur every 2-4 hours.

- More participants = more items demanded.
- Individual scales for each item may be required to keep the event from being too easy/hard. i.e. 4 stacks of melon slices vs 4 stacks of obsidian.

- A variety of items could be demanded to add some degree of difficulty and co-operation amongst participants.
- The placement of the collection chest could also be challenging, i.e. having it spawn on top of a roof, or in an undiscovered cave under the city.
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5 minutes before the event, all residents are told to enter their city to participate. A large number of Rats and Diseased Rats will spawn, and participants will be asked to clear them all before the time limit ends.

Win: Kill all hostile mobs
Rewards: Mob drops. Fixed cash amounts shared amongst all participants.

Lose: Time limit expires before all mobs are killed.
Consequence: None

Event Prerequisites:
- Must have 2+ residents physically present in the city, AND
- Set % chance to occur every 2-4 hours.

- More participants = More mobs
- If considering other pesky, indesirable mobs (Worms, Ender Mites, Ender Eyes), they're relatively more difficult and probably should have some sort of scaling.

- An example of a 'low-tier' event. One that does not require much investment from the player.
First of all, thank you for the suggestion it's a very ambitious and interesting idea to say the least.:D

:confused: Issues that I can think of include...
  • that IF both the PvP and PvE aspects are added it will greatly discourage the creation of cities and the only individuals who would make them are those who are already ahead due to their rank and bought items etc.; or the clueless who don't know about the all these features.
  • that is if they spawn the mobs / chests in caves under the city, how will they find that?
  • that the city can just have explosions off and some events would be nullified.
  • (Stress Test) Issue is if close cities have similar events happening at the same time it may cause excessive amounts of lag.
Just a couple of things I noticed ;)


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Thanks for your input! Yeah, those are some troubling issues...

I feel the discouragement for city creation will stem mostly from any PvP aspects that get implemented with the current city system. With PvE there is at least a relatively higher degree of shared rewards and losses, and losing allying residents would put you at a disadvantage if you don't play as a team for an event. Perhaps we need to tier cities based on their size/APL to keep it fair for new and experienced players? An On/Off button for PvE/PvP events to occur? I don't know. :(

I was also baffled at the altitude problem; I presumed that everyone had permissions to dig around, but that's unreasonable and private plots are a thing. Is there perhaps something that allows this event system to scan top-down until it hits a solid block and spawns the mob/item on top of it? It would make the events easier, as the mobs/items will only spawn in open air areas, but at least it's operable.

As for the city/claim command for turning off explosions, I was thinking there could be a higher priority command that would be given by the new event system, overwriting the city's commands until the end of the event; sort of like how GriefPrevention's Flags work. Then again, things like having chest/farms being explodable will not sit well with most players... which is why I figured a no consequence/limited-risk event might suit our community more.

Neighbouring cities with concurrent events sound like a nightmare... Might be possible to code something along the lines for cities to check for existing events occurring nearby before activating an event. So if City A has an event, the bordering City B will fail its event check, and wait another 2-6 hours before it can activate another event. Wish I could elaborate more, but I am a total beginner in coding, let alone coding for Minecraft. I do hope someone could shed some light on that aspect.
Didn't really think of the altitude all too much either, I believe they can could it to do something like that as they do with explosions; for the issue of large scale events next to each other, they could just downsize them.