Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me As a Newbie [S2]

Each of these lessons were learned the hard way.

1. Your complimentary uncommon key is valuable. There are only two ways to get another one: pay for it, or get really lucky from a vote crate. If someone is trying to trade with you as soon as you join the server then get a full set of fatal gear or check what the keys are worth on the marketplace.

2. Beware the vacuum. I've never played on a server with a vacuum before. Try not to lose items. BUT - the vacuum only runs on loaded chunks. If you die and respawn elsewhere then you may be able to retrieve your items even hours later.

3. Learn /sethome <name> /delhome <name> and /home. The number one most frequently asked question is "How do I warp to my claim?". And everyone who asks learns the hard way that they need to take a long walk. (If they even know where to walk to!)

4. Type /jobs right away. Farming and mining are safe bets. You can always change jobs later, with a penalty to job rank.

5. Full list of all /warp locations. /warp spawn and /warp shop are obvious. But /warp vote, /warp fish, /warp enchant, and /warp workshop are huge time savers that are not documented anywhere.

6. Your backpack (/bp) is free, and not dropped on death. It's a superior, additional ender chest that grows as you rank up.

7. You can buy and sell items by typing /ah from anywhere.

This server seems to be intentionally undocumented. /help says "insufficient permission" and /faq only gives vague information about game mechanics. I can only imagine what else I don't know.

Less important lessons that don't apply to the moment you arrive on the server:

8. Fishing and melon farming can earn a lot of money really fast.

9. Nether farming (with good crafted hellish gear) is how you earn Teldaria experience.

10. Good gear (hellish tier) can be crafted with the vanilla diamond recipe. You can do cheesy "rerolls" of your gear by picking a diamond up and placing it back down on the crafting grid. You want rune slots.

11. Runes of Flame Cloak 1-3 all do the same thing. They all make you immune to fire and lava. The level does nothing.

12. "Unbreaking" does nothing on Teldaria's custom gear. Seems to be a bug because the devs love to give legendary items cool stats like "unbreaking VIII".

13. Related, repair costs for Teldaria's custom gear are expensive, and you're better off using vanilla tools (with enchants) for common purposes. Save that fatal-tier fortune V pick for ore blocks.

14. Runes are cheap. Do not use dust on them. Instead, just waste multiple runes until one sticks. Do not spend (or consume) $1000-$3000 worth of dust on a powerful but cheap Flame Cloak rune. ($25). Save your dusts for the rarer (and ironically weaker) perfectly rolled gems and enchants.
I would strongly disagree with number 12. For armor, I used to have a helmet without unbreaking, while the rest of my gear did- in the time it took for my helmet to almost break (iirc it had about 800-900 durability) the rest of my armor would only lose 200-300 durability.
Additionally, I tend to use lower tiered tools (Ghostly, Tormented, etc with at least Efficiency 3) for mining and digging- while shovels don't last that long in a desert, I'm pretty sure the unbreaking ones got me more sand before they expired. Shouldn't be hard to test for sure if I get around to it...
(Extra note, with the lesser tools I always leave a little bit of durability in them to crush them later- I strongly suspect this reduces the dust you'll get from it to 1, but considering you're only gonna get 1-3 dust on average anyway with full durability items, I find it a worthwhile trade. This also provides an alternative to your number 13.

Outside of that this is a good list that everyone should be aware of, though I'd also say number 9 is misleading- it is certainly the fastest way to earn Player Level, but you just get it from killing custom mobs. Even chickens and cows, if generated custom, will give points appropriate to their tier when killed.