The NEW Spawner City TARA

Just North East of Spawn!

EDIT*** Day 1 of cities, Our new name is TwelveOaks, OGsloth took the name Tara before we could take it. Not a huge setback and TwelveOaks is fitting. The Old Tara Died with the old server, Twelve Oaks was the Plantation next to Tara so I am happy with the name change

Well, its been a long hard road but Tara has been moved, the layout is similar but improved and 1.5x bigger. Right now we are setting on north of 130 Spawners, we lost some during the move but received some donations so were stronger than before.

What's NEW!
*Size.... We are north of 60k claim blocks, plenty of roof for expansion.
*Layout.... similar floor plan to the old Tara but slightly larger
*Location..... Right next to the Spawn. Walk NE until you see the water tower welcome center and follow the path, it is all claimed from spawn to Tara so no worries about PVP!
*Plots.... You can now "live" at Tara Prices are roughly $208 a claim block, lots are limited Anybody who buys trust on to a lot receives access to the future melon farm.
*Food.... Free droppers scattered around Tara if you need to eat, need more? we have 15 pig and 3 cow spawners dumping in to a kill zone that you can buy access to for less then the cost of 1 pig spawner.
*Have a Iron Golem Spawner? Want access to more than one? Donate your IG spawner to Tara and receive trust access to the IG spawner. Currently we have 4 IG spawners placed above our main floor constantly producing while everybody grinds. Donate your spawner and it will be placed with the others, come and take as much iron any time that you want from the chests below the kill zone! Only Spawner donors have access to these chests and they are usually full of iron.

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When cities are added to new world, i'll definitely join. i for one recommend this to everybody, regardless of who they are and what they hope to get out of this city. :D
I just enjoy helping people and I want to grow this city in to the largest population wise. As a new player it is hard to obtain spawners and even harder to gather enough xp safely to enchant items. I have spent months and months grinding this server and even buying the HERO membership so that anybody who wants to is welcome to come grind for xp or supplies in a safe environment.

Just a small update, we are on our second floor of the new melon farm. Members who buy a plot receive free access to this farm. We are also starting a natural spawn dark room right under the main claim.
Guys we have a name change, Tara was taken by OGSloth before I could get on to reclaim the name roday and he wants 1 million for it.

I do not plan on paying any money and would not pay 10 bucks for it, I formed this city to help people and some people just like to be mean...he will not profit from me over the name change.

Tara is the name of the plantation from Gone With The Wind and Twelve Oaks was the plantation next door to Tara. The real Tara died with the old server, The name change is fitting for the new farm Welcome to Twelve Oaks.

/c join twelveoaks and /c spawn twelveoaks anytime day or night, we have droppers giving away food, iron, and swords (when you greedy ones will leave a few for the new players) Plots are available starting at 55k (they are filling up fast) each plot comes with melon farm access.
I think in the spirit of fair play the mods should let you have the name of Tara. I would expect better of an older player but then we are talking about sloth I guess. Great work on your city btw. Thanks for sharing.
It does not really matter what we call it, after the first day of membership we are up to 40 members, the next highest city is at 11.

Small plots are filling up fast, I will be expanding and creating more but I am facing a bunch of new players building plots against my borders and have already had to have two warned. We do have some larger waterfront lots available, remember, any plot comes with melon farm access so they will pay for themselves.

Today we added a new fishing pier and house, we will have droppers with free fishing rods as long as the greedy players don't constantly drain them. You can always ask for a rod and we will get you one even if the droppers are empty.

The pictures below are before the changes to the fishing area, you will have to log on to see the new dock. A very busy day at the spawner farm......

Remember, IG trust can be had with the donation of an IG spawner, we will place your spawner with the other 4 and you will gain trust to grind 5 IG spawners and have access to the chests, take as much iron as you want whenever you want. This city has a massive amount of foot traffic and the spawners are almost always running.



New update. We have placed another IG spawner and don't forget to look under the stairs next to the zombie spawners. We have added a zombie pigman gold farm that's free for everyone to use. Just bring snowballs to agitate the mobs, the killzone is below.
We are over 100 members now and all of the plots from 55k-125k sold out, we have two larger plots left and just added 3 more 55k plots while I lay out the roads to add a bunch more.

The pigman farm is coming along great, there's a water drop at the end of the melon farm or you can use the stairs next to the zombie spawners to access it. We are also working on a large dark room.
Some updated photos of the zombie pigman gold farm. This new addition is really cranking out gold, magic dust, runes, gems, and books by the double chest load. You can buy container trust access and take what ever drops you want..... when ever you want for $150k.

We have one 55k lot left from the new lots that we have added.... hopefully I will be able to add more by this weekend.

hey, me to! It's alright, we have been taunted by him since the server rebooted, I will not let him get under my skin again.

We are still expanding, membership is booming and we are adding more and more things to do. While I am out our builders are revamping the dark room and working on expanding the farm. We will have a lot of fun new grinders coming.
Hey guys, small update... our city got deleted yesterday with no explanation, staff believes it was a glitch.

In just over a month we reached 284 members, I'm proud of that. However I am going to be taking a slight break from my beloved server, a few players are taking the fun out of the game and trying to turn cities in to a popularity contest.

I started this Tara originally on Orlo to give something to new players as somebody once helped me out when I was new. Every dollar I have earned over months and months of grinding have been put in to expanding land and adding new spawners, dark rooms, and farms for people to use and enjoy. I have given daily food dumps, donations of money when players could not afford to repair gear, and replaced lost gear after pvp ambushes.....yet, as with the loss of our first city name a few very toxic players have tried to degrade what we have accomplished. I refuse to deal with the taunts that have been freely tossed in my direction in open chat.

I have reopened the city of twelve oaks and made some slight improvements such as adding a cooked food dropper tied in to the pig spawners for unlimited free food and covering the hoppers on the witch spawners. The areas of access that I have charged for in the past such as the gold farm have remained unchanged for the members who paid for trust access. I will be stopping in for short periods to check on the city and settling any projects but I will no longer be active in recruiting members. We have great city staff and builders, twelve oaks will continue to thrive and grow.

You will need to rejoin the city if you want, use c spawn to return anytime. If you catch me on and need help feel free to ask. I will miss you guys, enjoy what we have built.
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Nightbane looked into the issue and believes that he can restore the member list within the next few days. Looking through the logs, /c delete twelveoaks or /city delete twelveoaks was never run, so something must have happened on that last reboot.


Staff member
Hey guys! So big update on Twelve Oak's :)
-We changed up our Gold farm grinder
1a0e0f13db0dc764a0e4ea67996dc7d4.jpg 2018-03-15_14.00.50.png
-Designed a new Chestroom system for the pigmen grinder
-Darkroom has a safezone with a 2nd floor :3
1a194e029512d5c3ecd8c6641af26bde.jpg 2018-03-15_14.02.56.png 2018-03-15_14.04.11.png 2018-03-15_14.03.39.png
-Catcus farm is being worked on :) 48x59 design
2018-03-15_14.01.21.png cfd30a79ba7699640140967f22aa33dc.jpg
We plan on making more projects and making the community 2x amazing :) If you have any me or ladybug :)