The item to your left is....

Time for a new game

Rules are simple, you ask the person below what the item to the their left is, and what it's used for​
The person who answers then asks the person below them a similar question​
So on and so forth​
For Example
Person 1:
'The Item immediately to your left is your weapon in the zombie appocalypse.'​
Person 2:
'A squeaky rubber chicken'​
'The item you last ate is what you must next bathe in a bathtub full of'​
Person 3:
'The souls of my enemies'​
'The item you....' etc etc​
I'll start

The first thing you saw this morning when you woke up will be handcuffed to you for the rest of the day
you're the last person i've had a conversation with so i guess i'll just pm you it.
the minecraft user you next see you must say "roblox is badd" to them because this is apparently a sentence in english.