Texture Packs

I hate texture packs. I have never ever used texture packs in my 8 years of playing Minecraft. It is irritating to me that I am being forced to use a texture pack that makes the game look like crap (in my opinion). I love the server (except for the lack of mobs on the surface) and feel that if I do not want to utilize a texture pack that I should be able to make that choice. I am not hurting anyone by doing so.
The whole point of Minecraft and why people love the game is the freedom that they are given to do anything! That freedom is taken away by making me have a texture pack, especially one that I hate to look at. Please give me back my freedom to play the game as I see fit.


Staff member
Oh, if you dont like the server resource-pack, you can temporal disable it with /usepack low and for disable it permanently, disconnect -> go to multiplayer -> select teldaria -> server edit -> disable the texturepacks. Also, today minecraft vanilla texture pack might have changes due to april fools
Then it must be this dumb April fools because I cant change anything... Enable/Disable/Auto... nothing works. This texture pack is almost unplayable.