Teldaria's Ranking Up Systems - Information and Tutorial

My name is Universe and I am a Helper on Teldaria. This post will show you all information on Teldaria's ranking up systems.

Ranks are purchased with in-game money and reward you with special commands, perks and a snazzy prefix. It's pretty self explanatory, make some money and rank up. To look at all the ranks and rewards do /ranks, this will show you all the information on them and how much they cost (image below). Once a rank is purchased you are rewarded with the commands,perks , prefix and access to buy the next rank. The ranks unlocked are shown in green wool. As you can see I have currently unlocked all the way up to rank Knight.

Your level can be viewed before your name in chat or by doing /level (this also shows a lot more information about it). The higher your level the more powerful you look and the more higher tiered mobs spawn around you.(I explained that in another post if you need to check it out). You level up by killing mobs. The higher the tier of the mob, the more points you get. You can see all information in the image below.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or message me on the forums, in-game or on Discord. Staff members and players will also happily help you in the chat in-game.