Survival Server Limits?

I just experienced "You were disconnected for : Server Full"... there are limits to the amount of people on Survival RPG now? Even worse, it's only 80 people?
Oh, okay... I thought that was the "new standard" of the server or something. That would've driven a lot of people away... not being able to play because everyone else is. Glad to hear it's just a bug though.
It's.. not a bug actually, they're working on some sort of solution for the matter as we speak, a queue system, perhaps a larger server, who knows.
I just find it odd that it says it's full at 80 people, but then I see someone easily connect and it goes up to 81 people on that specific server. Like, how does it decide what person can connect and what person can't?


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Will you (staff) improve server connection? because i'm lagging and it's not my network, on other servers i got about 30-50 ms ping while in Teldaria my ping raise up to 200 '-'