Support request / Bug report


I am actually not quite sure if my problem is a bug.
My situation: I played on this server for 6 month in total but I have recently took a longer break.
I changed my name form "BeaverCraft" to "TeddyamSpielen" (don't worry it's a German name).
Yesterday I logged in and joined the server but all my progress got reset.
I don't think that happed because of the name change. A supporter told me "Only the home points get lost". So I check my coords and saved them.
Now I had to realize that my 5 blaze spawner and my 50,000 doller are gone.

My Minecraft UUID (Don't know which one is the correct one)
1. 10751841-22ec-4143-a3a6-ff30be09b603
2. 1075184122ec4143a3a6ff30be09b603

Hope you can help me.

Teldaria had a reset/world wipe roughly over a month ago. Only purchased donor ranks and webstore bought items were to be returned. (if that applies to you)
Yeah just about every Minecraft server you'll come across is due for a reset eventually. Obviously no one desires losing their items and progress but the server was definitely in a spot where a reset would benefit the server greatly in the long-run. I would go into more detail about the update but you should just check this post out instead:

However, this post does state that only two servers were opened initially but since then there has been an additional two survival servers added for a total of 4 (2 PVP Based, 2 PVE Based) + Skyblock.