Skyblock warp tutorial

In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you what the different warps do. So let’s start out with the first one:

The server shop (/warp shop).
When you go here, you’ll find two villagers NPC’s, one is for buying donor ranks, the other one is the server shop villager. The one you’ll be using the most is the server shop one. In here you can buy and sell many different materials and blocks.

Crates (/warp crates).
Now, this is where you’ll be going after having voted or having bought crate keys from the store. In here you can use your keys to get a random reward by right-clicking the different blocks.

Pvp arena (/warp pvp).
In this place you can pvp, you lose your items when you die in here, so be careful! Remember not to hack and be Fairplay so everybody can enjoy it.

Stats (/warp stats).
In this place, you get a bunch of stats, feel free to check it out, though most of the info is pretty useless, to be honest.

Donor ranks warp
This shows useful donor rank info.

Info (/warp info).
This teleports you to a golem when you right click on it, it shows a lot of useful info with commands and stuff, you can get the same info just by doing /help.

Spawner shop(/warp spawners).
In this warp, you can buy spawners.

NOTE: Skyblock is still in setup rn, so this list will very likely get changed.