[Resolved] Report on a Helper

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Hey I'm Lazlo, also known as Mia_Khal1fa on the server (Don't mind the name, I got trolled)

I wanted to report a very stupid thing that happened to me today. This helper Mewsixxie muted me for asking why the word 'gay' or 'homosexual' was filtered. I didn't use it as an insult, and he muted me for 5 minutes anyway. The fact that I was muted doesn't bother me, it is the fact that he doesn't have a single reason for muting me.

I hope you tell this guy something.

- Lazlo (Mia_Khal1fa)


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First off, Nothing they did was wrongful in terms of the mute. You shouldn't be saying inappropriate or disrespectful words that are filtered in chat, especially when you were warned by Mew to not use those words. Regardless if you were using it as an insult or not, it shouldn't be said and can result in being temporarily muted.
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