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Hello all! My name is cbcoon, and, as the title states, I am pretty new to Teldaria, but have been on many a Minecraft server. I wanted to share a short list of things that I have found would help the server, not only to grow but to just make life a little easier. I have two catagories I wanted to cover (economy and commands). Thanks for reading! Enjoy! :)

Firstly, I wanted to talk about Teldaria's economy. I know this is brought up often, but I propose a solution that many people will probably hate to hear. Here are my three ideas that I believe will really push the economy in the right direction:

  1. Nerf Melons: Holy moly. Melons are a bit strong on the server. I once played on a server called Opticraft that had this same exact problem. Money just wasn't as valuable as the admins wanted it to be. Nearly every city or castle was fit with a melon farm that reached the clouds, and anything could be achieved with a little time in the farm. One day, I logged on to see that the sell melons shop was no longer there, and the server went into a mad chaos. Everyone, from the richest players to the poorest, were scrambling around, trying to figure out how they were going to continue to support themselves. But, after a day or two, something amazing happend. Actual quality shops, services, and attractions were opened. The money started to flow again, and this time the economy was diverse, money meant more, and the economy was so much healthier. I don't know why it is always melons, but this server suffers from the same problem. I know that this idea is likely a controversial one, but deep down, we all know in our heart of hearts that this would only be good for the server.
  2. Buff Some Jobs: Lets face it, not all jobs were created equal. Alchemy in general is expensive, clunky, slow, and pays less than most all other jobs. Why. Just why. This may be because you get something out of alchemy (cool potions), but honestly who actually uses these when we have runes that do the same thing but forever. Buff lesser-played jobs and the economy will diversify and blosom into something more amazing. Even something as simple as adding a potion buyer to the market would fix alchemy, but as we all know this isn't the only job that suffers.
  3. Ranks: This is not the first server I have been on with ranks, but it is the first server were ranks don't mean much to the community. I once played a survival server in which ranks were a HUGE deal. You would work and work and work to reach a rank, and once you did you would get fireworks and a server wide message would pop up praising you for your accomplishment. Of course, chat would also congratulate you. This feels AMAZING. Working so hard for someting that always displays like rank really does good to the old self esteem. In order to translate this feeling to Teldaria, I propose we raise the time cap on ranks and add new challenges, sometimes replacing the money requirement. Honestly, once I got my hands on a melon farm, I breezed through five or six ranks. If we raise the time required to rank up and throw some mob killing or something in there, it will encourage players to come back to Teldaria on a daily basis and make ranks seem more meaningful.

Secondly, I have some commands I wanted to share with you guys!

  1. /dump: This would put everything from your backpack to your inventory. I've noticed the RPG elements of Teldaria are all about the grind, and the backpack becomes a huge part in assisting you. I know it takes 10 seconds to just manualy transfer everything from your backpack to the inventory, but if you go through this process 100 time (like I have), you will end up spending an upwards of 20 minutes just transfering. This would be a quality of life change that I feel is much needed.
  2. /repair: A command that would be awarded to higher ranking players. This perk would allow you to repair custom items any place at any time. Just a cool little thing I would like to see.
  3. City Titles: I find it very fun to advance in the ranks on the server. It would be nice, however, to be able to create custom ranks within cities as well. For example, in a made up city, Spookyville, I as the mayor can set up a 4 rank system. Rank one is the denizen, rank two is the noble, rank three is the Dutch/Dutchess, and rank 4 is Mayor. I can award these ranks as I see fit, and, like server ranks, privileges are laced in with each rank. So in my town, you would only be allowed access to the spawners if you were a noble or above for example. This would save mayors a lot of trouble, and citizens the pain of having to wait for permission on certain features in a city.
Anyways, thanks for reading guys! I hope you found something that you liked, and I'm always open to thought, so let me know what you think!;)
Thanks for the suggestion! However, just a couple of things:
  1. No comment
  2. Already mentioned in my personal post here.
  3. Already mentioned in my personal post here.
/dump - This is only useful when you're transferring bases soo fairly useless.
/repair - No comment
City Positions - Why were they removed ;-;

That's all


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Thanks for the suggestion! However, just a couple of things:
/dump - This is only useful when you're transferring bases soo fairly useless.
I disagree. When I farm melons or equipment from mobs, I fill my backpack with items so that I can make 1 trip with double the items. When you go to crush or sell, you have to take everything out of your inventory, which is were the time comes into play.
Hmm, noticed this post now and wanted to weigh in my opinions as a player, and this will be a lengthy reply, personally I love the economy of Teldaria and don't see much wrong with it, I personally enjoy the difficulty and work involved with making it somewhere in terms of both rank and overall wealth, taking one good look at the auction house and player shops, you almost automatically understand what dominates the market in terms of supply and demand (aka what will get you the most money for your work and effort), and all of the various routes you could take in order to become wealthy in terms of the server's economy. While I agree there are "monopolies" of certain products and goods within the player community (for example melons), I as a player, am not in favor of adjusting the price of any good (so far), simply because by adjusting these prices, you will cause the player market to shift, and as it stands today I personally love where the player market is (as well as the market in general) and do not want it changed, simply because it runs to risk of creating more problems and further complicating the server's economy. Due to my stance on not altering prices on any item in the market, I also do not favor adjust a job's payout, while I do agree, some jobs do pay fairly low for the amount of work you have to contribute, the simple solution is to just not do that job, by increasing the price of certain jobs, you could disrupt the job market, and cause a massive player shift to that job, and this in turn would inflate the economy, and would in turn heavily alter the player market, which is something I don't want to have happen. Again, on paper these two ideas (adjusting the economy, as well as job payout) seem good, but they present many risks to the player market that I find unnecessary. As for the ranks announcement idea I am actually heavily in favor of it, but with one exception, ranks that are very easy to earn, should not be announced due to chat spam, I do not want my chat being spammed with lots of new players ranking up to the first rank (While I could ignore chat, I don't want to), but the ranks that are harder to get to should indeed be announced for all to see, just due to the sheer amount of work it requires to get there, and it is worthy of being announced. In all honesty I really have no opinion on ./dump, while I too use my backpack to hold double the items, it's a command I never really cared for, while I could see it's benefits, I truly have no opinion and could care less if it were added or not. I think ./repair is a bit overpowered in my opinion, and would not want it added (well, maybe for donors it could be added, but it's still fairly overpowered in nature), and I feel like it would be a bit much to have. I am heavily in favor of city positions and would love to see them incorporated into the server, they would be a lovely addition and I would personally care more about cities if it were added once more. These are my personal opinions and they are subject to debate, but as a player this is my view on the subject. This reply wasn't meant to be an "attack on your recommendations" because I feel as though some of them are really good, this reply is merely to give my opinion about the server as it stands now, and what I believe could improve it without any severe risks, again, this is merely the opinion of another player, and is in no way meant to hurt anybody, it is simply my perspective and thought process. Thank you ^-^
Didnt test the melon but i agree about rank perks! Like last rank you get no perk!? Something like /pweather and /ptime (personal player weather and time) for a rank would be handy.