<React> Anti-Lag plugin suggestion

Hi! I understand that the server has had a lot of lag lately, but that comes with every large server. The server probably already has an anti-lag plugin, but I'm here to show you a much better one. React is a plugin that lets you monitor literally every component of the server top to bottom. It has several features that show you where lag is coming from, and will give administrators messages of what type of lag is occurring when it happens and how the plugin will take steps to stabilize the server. It also has custom-coded item/mob purging actions with /react act {sub command} that will allow you to quickly clear overcrowded chunks, entities ext. You can monitor TPS, Ram usage, Hopper ticks, redstone ticks, what chunks are causing the most lag, bandwidth, and so much more. This plugin is 100% custom coded and is rediculously cheap for how good it is.
Oh and there are also pop up GUI's and books that you can access with commands that will give you information on the types of lags currently going on and how the plugin is handling them.

I use this plugin on my test server where we save and schematic large builds, and often play around with TNT and the destructive elements. My server only has 4gigs of undedicated ram, and I never experience lag when I have this plugin installed. Please give it a try!

There is also a sub-plugin made by the same developer that allows you to remotely access the server through a control panel similar to console where you can quickly deal with lag.

The forum didn't allow me to post a link but go to spigot > Resources > Premium Resources then search for React
to get the sub plugin its spigot > Resources then search for React Remote Application {the sub plugin is free but only works with react installed}