Questions about the Wipe-

I have a few questions about the upcoming wipe.

1. When you say donaters are going to get the stuff they donated for back, does that include the donations made for keys they have bought and claim blocks separate from ranks as well?

2. Does this also mean any money accrued will also be getting wiped? Or do we get to keep that?

3. I know I have heard some people talk about past wipes and being able to store high value items in /bp. Now when you say full wipe I am to assume that will be apart of it correct?

Any who just curious because I have donated for quite a sum of claim blocks/ keys not just gained by donating for ranks.


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I know that keys will be returned after a week, and yes it is a full wipe, no money, no levels, nothing will be left except for donor ranks and purchases made.
The issue I have is that NEW donators will get their keys etc immediately. Us who recently or in the past purchased, have to wait a week. I'm going to the PVE server, will i get my items on that server or the PVP server and why a week, where as new donators immediately? Is this to promote new sales?


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1. Yes, you will get everything back. Starting with rank and everything that comes with the rank, as well as claimblocks or items that you might have purchased on the store separately and a couple days later the keys you have bought will be returned to you.

2. Yes, your balance will be getting wiped. You'll however receive in-game money that comes with the rank along with the other items when you get your rank back.

3. Yes, backpacks, inventories and enderchests will be wiped. You won't get to keep any items.

You will get everything you donated for back within the first couple days after the reset since it might take the store some time to process everything and yes as BTNGaming said, there will be a week delay to get keys back. We're trying to limit the amount of keys given back in the first week to give a chance to the players to get used to the update and get established before all these keys come in to play. Imagine the division between long time donors and players that have never donated if we give all the keys back as soon as the new servers open. Donators would slaughter those that haven't donated and that's not something we're looking for. Also, I'd like to clarify that unlike something that's been going around in the community, which I was also spreading around but it turns out I was mistaken, we are not in fact giving keys back sooner to people who will donate between when the reset was announced and when the reset happens. What was actually said is that people who donate for keys when the new servers open will get them instantly and not have to wait like donators that have bought them before the reset. I'd like to apologise to those I've told this misinformation to. Hopefully this makes everything a little more clear for you.