PVP/PVE Hybrid server suggestions.

Some suggestions based on my experience so far on the PVP/PVE HYBRID server.

- Clearer instructions on how to play, People seem to get lost too easily. (Claims, Parties)

- Explanation of the main flow of the game, Improving gear using bottles.

- Shops! The player shops seem fine, no economy yet. the teldaria shop prices are ridiculous low and are a trap for new players.

- Quality of life service, Let donators who help fund the game by buying a rank receiving SPAWNERS, be able to move their bought spawner without having to vote constantly.
Maybe add a silktouch pickaxe which can mine spawners for a price?

-MOBARENA, nuff said.

Greetings from a cheap outlaw enjoying your lowest traffic server.

PS: It took alot of questions to get started playing the game, hence point 1 and 2.