Pricing your enchants - a simple market guide


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Hey guys, I'm sort of new here (been playing for about a week, nearly two) and whenever I get some enchants, runes, or gems I don't know how to price them without being undercut or making it too expensive so I wrote this simple guide to effectively price your enchants*. (If you don’t know how to calculate percentages, use the equation at the bottom of this post and just input your numbers into there)

*May not be accurate, and will be tweaked as suggestions in the comments are given. <-- greatly appreciated by the way!

This is how I price my enchants on Teldaria. It's based off of 4 categories:

1 - Usefulness
2 - Enchant level
3 - Success %
4 - Effect Chance

Each category will be explained in detail how they affect the price as they are listed.

1: Usefulness - This affects the price based on how useful the enchant is, and comes in 3 levels. For example Fire Resistance is pretty useful for nether farming, but not really anywhere else so it comes to a 2. How each level affects the price is as such (For rune stones and gem stones cut the price in half after choosing its usefulness):

- Level 1 - Starts the price at 250.

- Level 2 - Starts the price at 325.

- Level 3 - starts the price at 400.

If an enchant is particularly useful or something you think someone would really want/need, go ahead and add another 100 to that number.

2: Enchant level - This is one of the big factors in changing the price, and you will later notice how the price is very much close to this in the end. For many enchants there are only 3 levels, but for others they can go up to as much as 10. For simplicity lets stick with the lowest, middle-most, and highest level.

- Lowest - Increases the price by 5%

- Middle-most - Increases the price by 10%

- Highest - Increases the price by 15%

3: Success % - This is the simplest to do, As you get a higher success chance, there's a less likely outcome of failing which is very desirable. This will be gauged based on the success rate the item has.

- Price * success rate.

4: Effect Chance - Lastly there is this pesky thing, the chance for your effect to happen. This one is tricky as there is no whole percentage in any enchant, so for the best results we’ll round down to the nearest whole percentage and multiply the price to get our final number.

- This is the final step in creating your price, repeat the steps to make sure you did it correctly then round to the nearest tens (for example if you got 518.25 you would round to 520), and then while in /spawn do /pshop sell 1 (final price) Thanks for reading and happy sales!

If you struggled to follow and couldn't keep track of where you were, use this equation after choosing your starting number: StartingNumber*1.(enchant level % without the %)*1.(success rate without the %)*1.(enchant effect rate without the %).