Perhaps switch from the server's host?

Are you affected by the lag?

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So basically, there's tons of lag on the server everyday. People are blaming the staff for not doing anything about it, while they can't. Players are getting very upset over it.

Everyday the players of Teldaria have to question themselves whether they can play without any lag today, causing them to glitch out and to lose alot of stuff because of it. Players even leave the server because of it, sadly. This server is so unbelievably good, despite the common lag, it'd be a shame that this would be the cause that people decide not to stay on here, therefore losing players daily. (dramatized)

I know that the staff can't do anything about it other than simply restarting the server. I was told by a staff member that it was the host that caused the lag, so why not ditch the current host and get a better one in return? I mean, the server should be able to carry around 100 to 150 players, right? I hope something can be done about it, as I'm getting pretty annoyed by it as well, since it's happening pretty much everyday.

Note: Please don't take this as an offense or anything, I'm not here to flame or to drag this server down, I simply want it to become better than it already is, therefore suggesting to get a new host (if that helps).

Kind Regards,
I've heard a lot of people say that Orlo has the most lag, but that's just that one server. So there must be something up with that one only, not the whole network. I haven't had any issues with it.

I don't blame them if they refuse to switch hosts. It's a hassle having to reconfig everything to a new ip and transfer all the files. However host issues isn't the only that that contributes to lag so let's see what they say about it.