Offline Vote Glitch and a few more.

Should a Quest/Challange System be added?

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Recently I voted on the server website around. Voted on all websites and made sure that it was spelt correctly.
When I logged in I realized that I didn't pick up any of the keys or get a broadcast in chat.Idk what happened but I just lost 4 keys and was wondering if someone could give them to me. Heres proof for no updates in the /vote last

Another minor glitch. Hellworm Respawn bug, The hellworms remain completely immobile in there zombie form "once in a while you can see the body but only rarely (couldn't recognize mob) and they are just there immobile and in hittable for ever. Not a that massive glitch but its just some glitched entities which ruins my grinding location I think since it takes longer for mobs to spawn now idk. Couldn't get a close shot since it wasn't fullscreen and my games glitched.

Oh and another MAGOR suggestion to add to the donation system is to make it so that Donaters get broadcasted when they donate! This helps the donaters just feel special and everyone will congratulate them in chat and that's what they hope to see. A friend of mine was disappointed When he got lord rank but it didn't say in chat for anyone to celeberate.

ill create another post later but another suggestion that I have is to add tactical like items into the game. Since its an rpg I think Teldaria should have some taticals such as shurkiens, poisened daggers ,Miner bombs, Grendades and all that type of stuff that can help you tatically. Some Usefull stuff that you could also add to the donater stores could also be tools that arnt overpowered but don't break at all!. such a money grinding tools.

Another suggestion I think should REALLY be in the game is a weekly quests system. Every week there should be an NPC which hands out quests to players when they go near it, When a player eventually completes that quest ,challenge, mission he should receive an item like "quest points" a quest points could be like another reputation system or used to claim items from a "daily quest store" which every day has new stuff inside to prevent the store being stuck with bad gear, the items in this store could go up to Legendary!.

I hope you like my post just saying some of my many feelings about the server and ill upload some more. Please reply about what you think about the top few and please give me my vote keys back bye <3 :3
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first u can try /crate claim

but to be honest the voting rewards can only be given to u if u r online

for the rest make a post in suggestions, it has nothing to do with bug reporting
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