Neighbor dug a Nazi Symbol next to my building

This all stems from a simple border dispute. we retracted our border 64 blocks per the rules even though we have been here first for a very very long time. This is extremely racist and should be completely unacceptable in this game that is meant to be fun and family friendly. Shame on them and if nothing is done about this then somthing is seriously wrong about the rules on this server. We are loyal and paying customers and have enjoyed this server so very much. But now the harrassment and childish acts of our neighbor and his friends have just about made us decide to take our enjoyment and money elsewhere. Thank you.
No it has not been removed at least by us at this time. We were waiting for someone to see it and thank you so much. they have been hanging around in groups trying to push Landaan off his property and trying to hit him while he is on his land. So far they managed it once and killed him and took all his stuff. Thank you so much for following up with this I truly appreciate it.