My most valuable villagers are gone plus the 8 iron golums

This is the second time I have lost villagers. Three librarians with infinity, Unbreaking 2 and flame. two clerics with 3 glowstone per emerald and 1 Shepherd, and 2 farmers. This time I named tagged them, put lava under 3 blocks below a glass floor so nothing could spawn and kept populations in a chunk under 15. I would like them replaced. They all had name tags and the time and expense in opening them up to see the trades was very expensive.

The name tags..16 of them this includes the name tags on the iron golems. So the cost is a lot.
The restart that just happened about 15-20 minutes ago I feel was the blame. They were there before that happened.

I am now not knowing what the issue is. If i will lose more or not. Are the chunks that they were in bad? Is it happening to others? It is very frustrating because I spend so much of my time on here breeding them and now I am not sure if it is worth it.


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