missing spider spawner

TheDFK did you receive all of the other items associated with your store purchase? What rank did you buy? And have you waiting in /spawn for up to 15 minutes with nothing in your inventory?

Also what other question do you have?

Yes, I received everything else expect the spider spawner, also i have left my inventory open to see if it just pop in there later. Also when I trying to purchase the outlaw rank it kept saying my purchase was denied then it finally went through but when I went to check my account it showing all the times it denied are still going through. So, I wasn't sure if I need to speak to someone on here first about it or just call my bank.


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I'll take care of the spawner but as for the other thing, it's only showing a single payment from you on our store so I doubt it actually did go through the other times. Regardless, I'll contact the owner to see if he can try and double check. In the meantime maybe you should check your paypal (or bank account) transaction history, that would show you if they went through or not. If you want to discuss this further I suggest using the private message system on the website instead of this public thread. That way we can talk and not have to worry other players can see any information you potentially wouldn't want them to see.