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Hello, everyone, I'm making this post for anyone unfamiliar with McMMO Alchemy. When I had just started I was pretty confused on how Alchemy worked in game, and what you could make with McMMO so hopefully, this guide can help out any new players on their road to Alchemic mastery. You can find all the information in this post at McMMO wiki.

What is Alchemy?
"Alchemy is a miscellaneous skill based on brewing potions. It is leveled through the creation and modification of potions in a brewing stand. Like vanilla brewing, Alchemy allows the player to obtain many of the status effects in Minecraft through potions, as well as a few new ones."

You have two Passive ability's in Teldaria Catalysis and Concoctions. (Note you don't need to have Alchemy as your job to have stated abilities)

"Catalysis is the rate at which ingredients are added to potions, speeding up the brewing process. Unlocked at level 100, this bonus is increased for every additional level, with a maximum rate of 4x at level 1000." (So basically the higher level Alchemist you are, the faster ingredients are added to your potions. At max level, the timer is reduced from 20 seconds to 5)

The Concoctions ability allows the player to brew new potions with effects previously obtainable only through non-vanilla methods, as well as adding few new effects.

Experience Gain
  • First Brew (water bottle to awkward potion): 15xp per brewed potion (45xp for full stand)
  • Second Brew (awkward potion to any other potion): 30xp per brewed potion (90xp for full stand)
  • Third Brew (using either redstone or glowstone): 60xp per brewed potion (180xp for full stand)
  • Fourth Brew (splash potion via gunpowder): 120xp per brewed potion (360xp for full stand)
Exceptions to Experience
  • When using spider eyes to turn water bottles into potions of weakness, each potion grants 30xp. This skips the step of granting 15xp per potion for brewing awkward potions.
  • Turning potions of healing into potions of harming with fermented spider eye yields no experience.
  • No experience is awarded for Harming II potions via glowstone, but gunpowder still grants the expected 120xp per potion.
  • Lingering potions do not give any experience upon creation.
  • Speed potions are very simple to make, and if you have enough brewing stands, you can easily level your alchemy by making lots of them.
  • Do not alternate between redstone and glowstone - it does not change XP amounts!
  • You can hold up to 36 potions at a time. If you are making batches of potions (for efficiency), keep these numbers in mind. You need 36 glass to make 36 bottles. You need 12 brewing stands, and 12 of whatever ingredients you need to add.
If you want to power-level your Alchemy check out this semi-auto Redstone build!