may be the answer to auto farming

so I was on a server {name will not be listed} and I was playing skyblock when I got this chest from a kit called the harvester chest and what it does is it auto farms crops within a chunk therefore it autofarms without the laggy redstone machine therefore lagless auto farming is achieved
AFK Machines aren't allowed not just because they're laggy. It's because they are abusable and provide an unfair advantage to the player.
its not afk farming its auto farming it just helps the player get crops quicker and as for an unfair advantage not really cause everyone could get one and as for abusable it just takes crops you are growing and puts it into a chest automatically so you don't have to waste 30 mins harvesting them all


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It is an interesting idea but it sounds too "automatic" in my opinion and there arent a lot of people using crops (wheat, potatoes) in the server
Opinion matters, but as JPGuard points out it won't be unfair if everyone can do it. But the thing is on a survival server purpose ain't to auto farm things and as it stands right now, don't expect it to change.
In my opinion, this wouldn't really work on a survival server because a big part of Teldaria is farming, and this sort of defeats the purpose.