Lost Money On Auction.

In-game Name: Koolcats101, When: 6:17-6:20 Pm, Executed A Command?: In Auction Where I Clicked The Green Glass Pane, Item: Legendary Shovel For $5000, Description: I went to buy A Legendary shovel from the auction for $5000 And Never Got The Shovel Along Side Of Losing $5000 :( I have Picture Proof On My Friend's Point Of View Where He took A Picture Of the Item A Minute Or Two After Before I bought It. Picture Proof?: Picture Taken By Blazerwolftechhttps://images.discordapp.net/attachments/335175048702722049/338805601331052544/unknown.png?width=832&height=468
Same Happened to me ! I wanted to buy some shovels one for 2k the other i dont remeber i didnt get it it took the money i thought they fixed this bug !!
I thought it was my bad, but I just literally wasted 4.5k to buy 48 of leather and I didn't get the items... this sucks tho... I needed to get some bookshelves.