Levels (Expanded)

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This is just an expanded topic on what Universe Labs posted.


As you kill mobs, you will see that it adds experience towards your Level. As you kill mobs, it will add experience towards your level, you can see how much xp you need to next level up by doing the command /level .

^Universe Lab's /level Information

The higher tiered mobs you kill, the more experience you get.
Player = 1.5 Experience
Plain = 0.6 Experience
Regular = 1.1 Experience
So on and so forth.

But be warned, when you are killed by another player/ mob. You WILL lose experience, and if you lose enough experience it is possible to have a level removed.

Health - If you become a high enough level, you will earn extra hearts to help you.

Higher Tiered Loot/ Mobs - As you earn higher levels you will be able to spawn higher tier mobs, which results in higher tier loot.

(To be continued as updates progress)

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