Legendary pickaxe disappeared while trying to repair.

Ingame name
- Hunterbell11

- 4;25 pm utc +4

- -68 63 214 twelve oaks anvil

- pickaxe repair

- While trying to repair the legendary pickaxe after the repair the pickaxe dissapeared

- if it has something to do with a mob

- well I was showing a friend about how to repair a custom item and gave it to him so he can repair it. After he typed cancel or repair one of the 2 idk check his logs (primeslayer2169 im 100% sure he didn't scam me his a close friend and gave me his bottles to make the pic in the first place)

(I really liked this pickaxe due to its insane quality 99.94% and I need a pickaxe kappa)

its literally just an anvil in the corner tp to the cords :3

Thanks for the help!