Lack of MOBS

I am starting a NEW thread for people to post their opinions in regards to the lack on mobs on this server.

-If someone asks about the lack of mobs in the chat, screenshot it and post it here

-If you think there are not enough mobs on the server, complain here

-If your grinder doesn't work like it does on other servers, complain here

To the Mods - The first step to recovery is admitting there is a problem. Do not embrace excuses, embrace solutions. The customer is always right.

NOTE: I wrote this thread while my character sat outside throughout the night and I was not attacked at all.
Mob spawns on the surface have always been lower than at other places. The most optimal place for a dark room is to have it at bedrock, and for it to be big. Im not talking about like 25x25, Im talking 50x50 and larger (mine was 100x100).

For a real challenge, the mob spawns in the nether are much more difficult and frequent so be concious of that as well. The end pays out really well, but can be hit or miss. The mobs themselves are the hardest on the server but at times their spawns can be hit or miss, as when multiple people are in the end, the mobs spawn at all of them reducing the overall mobs in one location.

Leaving your car on the side of the road with a flat tire and then checking on your vehicle a month later does not fix the tire. It does not matter how old a thread is, the issue has yet to be addressed.
while you may have a valid point, i do not believe there is an issue. for starters, the playercount has a large influence on the mob spawning rates. secondly, as alpha said as the first comment of this thread, mob spawns on the surface are low. thirdly, as further evidence to support my first statement; (pretty sure that semicolon goes there), because there are so many people in bigger cities, such as twelveoaks and yeet, most mobs spawn in those places because of how mob spawning logic works. lastly, shouldnt you be happy about the low mob spawning rates? if there's less mob spawning, there's less deaths, and fewer butthurt people whining about vaccum "stealing" their items when they die at an inconvenient time.