/jobs farmer bug

So I just picked up my 3rd job and chose farmer, and 95% of the time I harvest a crop it tells me "You must wait X (5,000-25,000) seconds before being paid for that!" Sometimes it awards the experience and money correctly though. I attached screenshots of 6 consecutive harvests and you can see the first one awarded me correctly, but all the others messages pop up with a random time over 5000. I'm playing on Survival 2, and I just started yesterday. Lemme know if you need any other information from me.

2018-07-15_09.52.11.png 2018-07-15_09.52.15.png 2018-07-15_09.52.21.png 2018-07-15_09.52.25.png 2018-07-15_09.52.28.png 2018-07-15_09.52.33.png