Is It Just Me Or Does The Vaccum Cycle Time Need To Be Lowered?

I am constantly losing items to the Vaccum. This does not mean I am against the vaccum this just means I wish the cycle time could be extended. Does anyone agree? If so please reply with your opinion? If you disagree fell free to reply and tell me why you disagree.
I believe it's on a 10 minute cycle if you have a smart phone or something set a 9 minute timer and be careful for the next minute. After a while you'll be so used to the vacuum that you will be able to use it to your benefit. Like Turdle said if you are in a bind and you know time is short you can avoid losses if you are the only player in a chunk. 10 seconds left warp to spawn or anywhere not near the items you want to save. 5 seconds or less quit minecraft and cross your fingers. 1 second left RIP your good stuff. If you lose your stuff rage quit and go get the vacuum in your house turn it on and push it around the place for a while, your Mom will not know what's happening but she'll be happy.
The vacuum is on a reasonable time cycle. It is in place to clear items/entities and reduce lag. It gives plenty of warning, so I don't believe it needs to be changed. The vacuum doesn't affect unloaded chunks, so if you die/lose your stuff, and you see it coming in chat, log off or tp elsewhere, and it won't take your stuff. It can be a pain when you lose stuff, I get it. But try what's been suggested and you shouldn't have a problem. :)