innactive claims

Hey staff,

Me and a few of my friends have spent a bit of time in the server now (around 2 days) and we wanted to settle down and construct a huge settlement as a landmark.

Unfortunately, we hit a brick wall.. well wooden one.
There are 2 claims inside our preferred construction site that are clearly innactive or noobs who came in for 10 minutes and left.

I have spoken to a helper which said the people in question were offline for 14days and 22days.

this is the "base" bagman37 who has been offline for 22 days
2018-08-14_10.46.06.png 2018-08-14_10.46.35.png

and this is the base of silversurfer6767 who has been offline for 14 days
2018-08-14_10.47.09.png 2018-08-14_10.47.25.png

Essentially, we have been building for 1 day and the progress is massive. We have landscaped most of the land we want to build on and the main Keep is about half way done. it would be very helpful if these "claims" were removed.

Looking at total time in game and the amount of time offline will hopefully help you make your decision, thank you.


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We only remove claims after 60 days + of inactivity. Also if they break rule #7 but they probably claimed before you. I am sorry but we cant do much >.<
22 days of inactivity though? its clear he isnt coming back

we want to sink some money ino the server but this isnt helping
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Not trying to be rude, but this is in the wrong section, it should be in Reports. Also, did you destroy bagman37’s house, cause I’m pretty sure raiding a partially claimed base is against the rules.
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