In need of clarification about (afk) farms

Your rules state that afk farms are not allowed, yet mob spawners are turned into massive afk farms that cause so much lag and are very unfair to other players (for example the "TwelveOaks" city's massive iron golem and other farms). It's not a secret they exist, and you even provide these spawners for your irl supporters, so why is this allowed and simple afk cactus or other farm isn't? Or is it?

I just wanted some clearence about what kind of farms are allowed because your rules doesn't really specify.

Thank you for your time.
So any farm that is fully automatic by a redstone contraption(without the use of a button, lever, pressure plate, or any other activation device) is not allowed. Afk Machines such as afk pools that keep your player moving, or a minecart system that prevents you from being kicked for going afk are not allowed. AFK mob farms are completely allowed as long as you have no method of keeping yourself from being kicked from going afk.