I was rolled back and lost fatal gear

Hey before the server break around 8pm 2017/07/24 I had 1 fatal iron helmet 1 fatal iron pants 1 fatal iron chest 2 fatal iron swords 1 fatal iron hoe several other regular pieces of gear that went missing after I came back around 9:30 pm (EST). I have reason to believe this was a rollback due to the items being missing at the exact moment the break happened. My friend Truebacca1011 also got rolled back his house was reset back to its frame stage and all of his items were lost. I spoke to a helper by the name of Grafitti on discord about the issue In great detail. My goal is to hopefully get some of my fatal gear back. I really wish I had proof like screen shots but I had no idea this would happen.
I can confirm that I did talk to Knight_Zephron about this in discord. They did have a little bit of proof of some of this gear being in existence. ( https://gyazo.com/d039d340a3d7a46b709acb6b3272d9b9 ) Although it doesn't show great detail, I can also confirm that this rollback did happen and affected quite a bit of people that just built their houses or got items today. A similar thing did happen to the quarry I was mining in as it placed back a few areas of blocks that I did break before the server went down for maintenance. If you have any questions for me, please feel free to message me in game, discord, or here.


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Why don't you'all have a "test world" where these plugins can be tested/debugged before using them in the players world? Seems a bit unfair to burden the players (some paying players) with the "testing" of new plugins.