I was banned for xray ??

IGN- _Alex_A_C_A_
Who banned me- KimmyKar
Ban date- 5/9/2018
What rule did you break- None
Do you have any evidence that you can use to support your appeal: no, but i can take screenshot of my screen instantly when i join to show i had no xray
I have read and Agreed to all of these rules?: Yes, Twice
Do you understand that if you make another appeal while one is still pending that older one will be removed?: Y
Eplanation: i have a slow computer so chunks load slowly, while chunk was loading i saw huge cave (reveane) i mined to it and found some diamonds in it.
when i explored reveane i went randomply mining tunnels around me and found some more diamonds, and lots of iron.
And if i was xraying i wouldn't have said "diamonds :D" in chat.
I did use hacks long time ago and got banned on few servers for it, i love Teldaria its plugins, staff, players,.... so im not planning on getting benned.
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