How to use the item filter.

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Teldaria Item Filter

The item filter is a useful tool to help you determine which drops you should pick up while sorting out which drops are just going to take up space.

Setting up the item filter is very easy and for the most part is self explanatory.

The item filter tool is unlocked at Scavenger rank. Very early in the game.

To open your item filter type "/itemfilter" in chat.

By default your item filter is set to "Drop" mode (Red Wool). You can see this by hovering over the colored wool.
Drop mode means that anything you put in here will NOT be picked up by your player.
You can add items to this list by clicking them in your inventory.

By selecting a piece of dirt and a cobblestone from my inventory I have told my item filter not to allow my character to pick up these items.
You can toggle the item filter into "Pick mode" (Green Wool) by left clicking the wool. This turns the filter into a white list. Allowing your character to pick up only the drops you specify.

By selecting a diamond, an iron ingot and a gold ingot from my inventory I tell the item filter to allow my character to pick up ONLY these items.
[highlight=#dd2423]If you do not have any items in the filter in "Pick" mode you will not be able to pick up ANYTHING.[/highlight]
To remove items from your filter simply left click them in the filter and they will be removed.
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