How to start off on Teldaria [Basic Guide]

Hello :) Here is a basic guide on what to do when you join Teldaria for the first time.

1. Right when you first join, you should check /faq for server information regarding Custom Enchants/Grief Prevention and a lot more. Then, you should check /rules so you are aware of the rules. Also, when you first join, you are given "Cloudy Bottles" which you right click to get a gear piece.

2. After, walk through the water portal located at /spawn and pick a region. The region does not matter, but remember it because that will be where your house is probably located.

3. Then, you can either wander off of the Region spawn on your own, or do /rtp to teleport somewhere randomly. The regions are worlds that you can collect recourses and build on.

4. Once you have found somewhere you might want to own, you can either do 2 things.
A. You can do /kit claim. With the shovel you are given, select two corners that are opposite from each other of the land you want to claim. That should claim the land, and if it shows the message "You do not own enough claim blocks" check your /claimlist on how many claimblocks you have and shrink your claim a bit.
B. You can simply do /claim (radius) and it should claim around you the number of blocks you put for (radius). For example, if I put /claim 5, in all directions, I will own 5 blocks of land.


Pvp is enabled everywhere except for in claimed land on Teldaria. There is a pvp arena at /warp pvp where you can pvp for fun because keep inventory is on. In the nether and in the end, pvp is enabled everywhere because nether/end claims aren't allowed.

The biggest way to make money on Teldaria is through jobs. When you first start out you can get two jobs. To join a job, you can either do /jobs browse and right click two of the jobs you are interested in, or do /jobs join (jobname). The recommended job is Miner for when you first join because it isn't dangerous and it can give a pretty good pay. Though, once you become more powerful, Digger/Hell Worker are very good. When you level up a job, you make more money doing the job.

The Nether
The nether is one of the most dangerous places on Teldaria. There are deadly custom mobs and lava everywhere. It is recommended to have Fatal+ gear before even stepping in the nether. Also, Flame Cloak I-III rune is very helpful in the nether, making you not be able to be caught on fire. In the nether and in the end, claiming is not allowed and if there is a claim, report it to a staff member immediately. Once you get Fatal+ gear, the nether could be a great place to grind and level up.

Repairing Custom Items
Repairing tools is a bit different on Teldaria. Instead of taking exp like in Vanilla, repairing custom items takes money from your balance. There is an anvil near /warp vote where you can repair your custom items. Repair items by right clicking an anvil with the custom item in your hand, and then in chat it should show the money it will take away. If you are ok with the balance it will take away, type "repair" in chat, and it should complete the transaction. For Vanilla items, you repair the same way as in vanilla. You right click an anvil and use exp or the certain material to repair the item.

Custom Enchanting
You can enchant many different ways on Teldaria. For custom enchants like Runes/Divine Enchants/Socket Gems, the item you want to add the enchant to has to have a specified slot. For Runes, the item needs a Rune Slot, for Divine Enchants, the item needs a Enchant Slot, and for Sockets, the item needs Socket Slot. To add a custom enchantment to an item, you simply press [E] and drag the custom enchant onto the item that has the specified slot. For Vanilla enchants, you go to a regular anvil, you right click and add your item on the left slot, and the enchant in the middle slot. Then, take your item from the right slot.

This is an example of an item with Socket/Enchant slots. There is a random chance to get slots, though you have a much higher chance with higher tiered items.

Tiers/Leveling Up
To get better items and a higher level next to your name, you kill mobs. Check your level information with /level. Underground is a key place to look for mobs when you just begin, though once you become more powerful, you should try the nether. You can check all of the custom mobs with /mobs. Different tiered mobs have different tiered drops and you can check what tier you can see with /sms. Also, you can check what tier a mob is from their nametag corresponding to their color on /tiers. The highest tiered mob a player can see is fatal tier at level 76.

Here is a complete list of the tiers which you get from /tiers.

To buy and sell items, you should check out /warp shop where you can sell at the "Merchant" and you can buy items from Teldaria's custom Playershop called "Market" To sell an item on the pshop, you simply hold the item in your hand and type /pshop sell (quantity) (price). This will put your item on the pshop. You can check if it works by right clicking on the "Market" Villager and it should show you have 1 item in the pshop. Now, people can see your item in the "Browse Items" section of the pshop.

These are the two NPC's located at /warp shop

Crushing gear/Crafting Cloudy Bottles
If you have any unwanted gear, you can go to the "Crusher" located in /spawn and right click the NPC. Then, throw all your unwanted custom gear into the inventory space that is opened. Then press the button in the right hand corner which will crush it. This gives you essence which you can use at the "Crafter". At the crafter, you need 8 pieces of one type of essence and 1 glass bottle to make a Cloudy Bottle of the type of essence. Cloudy Bottles can be used by right clicking them. The Cloudy Bottle will supply you with a gear piece that is the tier of the bottle. You can also trade 4 Cloudy Bottles of a type at the "Crafter" for 1 bottle a tier higher.
This is an example of a Cloudy Bottle you get when you first join. It is Fatal tier.

I hope this guide helped you out :):D


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