Help With Commands

Starting Commands
/faq: One of the most important commands to start off. It gives you a menu of how this server works and what to do.
/helpme (question): messages all online staff if you need help with anything.
/rules: Shows you the rules of the server.
/rtp or /wild: Teleports you to a random place in the wilderness.

Home Commands
/sethome (name):
Allows you to set your home at the place your standing (the name is additional)
/home (name): Takes you back to where you set that home at.
/delhome (name): Deletes the home that is named.
/homes: Allows you to view your homes.

Kit Commands
/kit food:
Gives you some food if your hungry.
/kit claim Gets you your claim shovel back if you lose it.
/kits or /kit: Shows you your accessible kits

Claim Commands
/claim (radius)
Claims an area with the number you put in as long as its over 4.
/claimlist: Shows you how many claim blocks you have.
/buyclaimblocks: Allows you to buy claim blocks for money.
/trust (name): Trusts the person to allow them to build and open chests on your claim.

Vote Commands
/vote: Gives you the link to vote for the server and get a vote crate key (make sure to use this at spawn).
/vpoints: Tells you how many vote tokens you have currently.
/vote shop: Allows you to access vote shop outside of spawn.

Stats Commands
/ranks or /rankup: Allows you to rank up with money or just look at the ranks available.
/rank: Shows you your stats on the server.
/bal or /money: Tells you how much money you have.
/level: Gives you a report for your PVP skills.
/sms: Shows you what tiered mobs are available to spawn around you.
/tiers: Shows you all the tiers on the server.

Job Commands
/jobs join (name):
Allows you to join a job.
/jobs leave (name): Allows you to leave a job
/jobs browse: Lets you view the jobs you can join and right click them to join the job.
/jobs top (jobname): Allows you to see whos has the highest level with that job.

Warp Commands
Shows you all the warps on the server.
/warp (place): Warps you to an accessible place on the server.
/hub: Teleports you to spawn even with an interruption (this may be fixed when you see this)
/spawn: Takes you to spawn.

City Commands
Allows you to make a city or check the city list.
/city join (name): Allows you to join a city that's open or you have been invited to.
/city list: A shortcut to check the city list.

TP Commands
/tpa (name):
Requests to teleport to the player.
/tpahere (name) Requests to teleport a player to you
/tpaccept or /tpyes: Accepts a tpahere or tpa request.
/tpadeny or /tpno: Denys a tpahere or tpa request.

Message Commands
/msg (player) (message):
Sends a player a private message.
/r (message): Allows you to reply easily to a message you received.

(I know I haven't added every command and this thread will be edited later but that's all I could put in right now)
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