harras sed about my claim

I am being hassled about my claims, I talked to Dr Prof about this and said I did not mind the person building that close. I have been building on new build, and now that LLamaa2 guy saying that since a reclaimed the land because I was trying to consolidate my claims and since it now has a newer date, I have to give up my land that I have been working for a while at. I have had claims since the move over to this server and we claimed a lot because we knew people would try to move in. Nobody was near this area. I will loose a large piece of land that I have flattened and worked hard to make. I guess I will tear down all that I built so my friend will not be dragged into this since we share the land and buildings. I have been playing this game for quite sometime and have been a paying customer well over a year. I am older than most and things like this upsets me and stresses me out, I had to quit my State job because of stress.
Now that Kirka has put signs every (I took them down) accusing me of breaking rules, Per what he said we are not allowed to consolidate our claims because it gives a newer date. I am very very upset that this lynch mob is defacing us. I want it to stop.
What Landaan is trying to say is that he had land claimed there already originally, he just reclaimed it to try and consolidate some of his smaller claims. We have been in this area since the server move and have worked very very hard on our build and claims. We do not have an issue with the player and his area that close to our claim. I realize the 64 block claim rule and we respect that. the issue is Landaan had an original claim in that area prior to our neighbor moving in. We are not trying to cause problems only get a resolution. Any suggestions would help at this point. do we need to make a 64 block buffer and reduce his claim even though it was there previousy? please assist and thank you