Guide to Cities

In this thread I will give an overview of the city plugin on Teldaria and explain how it works along side the grief prevention(land claim) plugin. If you already know how to claim land and just want to know how to set up a city please skip to the city command list section.

The city plugin is a custom plugin that allows a player to set up a city and manage citizens by way of plots. A player who has starts a city will first have to come up with a name, which can be changed later. Once you have a name in mind simply type "/city", select the option to start a new city, then type your city name. Now that you have a city you are ready to start claiming land and dividing it up for your citizens. As mentioned above the city plugin works with the grief prevention plugin to claim and divide claimed land so if you don't know how to claim land please reference the Grief Prevention Command Reference link below. There is also a handy youtube video on how to claim land using the grief prevention plugin here.

If you already know how to claim land but don't know how to subdivide claims here is a handy video tutorial on how to do that as well.

Grief Prevention Command Reference:

After you have a land claim you are ready to continue work on your city. Please reference the command list below to see what you can all do with the city plugin.

City Command List:
/c help - see a list of city commands
/c list - show city list
/c spawn - teleport to your cities spawn
/c join <cityName> - join a city
/c info <cityName> - see info about a city, leave off <cityName> to see info about your city
/c res - see info about the residents in your city
/c new <cityName> - create a new city
/c leave - leave your current city, mayors can't leave their city until they appoint a new mayor

Mayor's Commands
/c setspawn
/c plot (info:new:assign:delete:take:takeable:motd) <citizenName> - must be standing on subdivision to use this command
/c motd <message> - set the city message of the day
/c invite <playerName> - invite players to join your city
/c expel <citizenName> - expel citizen from your city
/c ban <citizenName> - ban a player from your city
/c unban <playerName> - unban a player from your city
/c perm <citizenName> (set:unset) (A:E:M:I: P:S) - manage city permissions, A-assistant, I-invite, E-expel, M-motd, P-plot, S-spawn
/c autojoin <true:false> - allow players to join your city without an invitation
/c rename <newCityName> - rename your city
/c mayor <citizenName> - make a citizen the mayor of your city
/c delete <cityName> - delete your city
/cc <message> - chat with your citizens using this party like functionality, you can also use this to toggle where your default chat goes

Some additional notes about cities:
  • Making a citizen a city assistant will give them all city permissions so make sure you really trust them
  • To make plots first create subdivisions using the grief prevention plugin then stand on it and use the /plot command to manage that plot.
  • If you see a message saying "Cities is currently synchronizing data, please wait" just wait a moment and try the command again.
  • You must have a minimum land claim size of 500 blocks to start a city.
  • A city is only able to be one land claim with subdivided claims inside it. Making a second claim away from the original will not be able to be part of the city.
  • More to come :)
PS: if anyone see's something incorrect here please let me know
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