Getting Started on the Server!


Staff member
I will be going over a few things to make you more comfortable on the server and give a few tips to start you off.
-When you spawn you have a inventory of items that range from food and gear to cloudy bottles and a key.
-Cloudy bottles when smashed will give you gear for the tier bottle it is in-game you can do /tiers.
-you spawn with a crate key you can head on over to /rewards to claim it.
Here is when the fun starts you are ready to start the adventure you can head over to the water portal at /spawn and hop on in. i will be listing a few helpful commands to get you started once you get in the world.
-/Rtp: Is a random teleport that allows you to find a nice area away from the spawn area.
-/Kit claim: If you don't have the claim shovel you spawn with. (you can find a tutorial on claiming in the forums as well as ask staff on the server)
-/Sethome (name): This sets a home so you can get back to the claim you set it at. (Be in mind the more you rank up you get more homes to set /ranks)
-/Homes: Lists all homes you have set.
Next thing i want to cover is Money everyone asks how do i make more money well here we go.
Jobs are one of the starter ways of making money most go for miner and farmer for the first 2 jobs here is how you join.
-/Jobs browse: Lets you see the list of jobs. (You get more jobs as you rank up using /ranks)
-/Jobs Join (job Name): Joins the job of that name.
Now you ask what makes the most money MELON FARMS that is a easy way to get money when you start you can sell the melons at /warp shop not only do you get money from selling the melons but with the Farmer job you get it from breaking the melon block. If you like mining many players love to buy ores/stone/cobblestone each block broke gives a amount of money when broken so hit the mines.

I hope this helps all the new players get a grip on the game and make Teldaria a better experience and remember staff is always willing to help you with questions.