Getting started on Teldaria.

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Teldaria Survival Guide

Your first few nights on Teldaria can be very difficult if you are not familiar with how the game plays. So I have put together this basic step by step guide on how to get started in the game.

1. Getting to the game world from Spawn.
To get to the game world simply type /rtp in chat. You will be taken to a random location in the main game world. Simple enough.

2. Time to get a job.
Now that you are all set up its time to get a job to start earning some income. You will need money for plenty of things from shops to auctions to repairing your gear. Take a look at the jobs available with "/jobs browse" I recommend choosing the Miner and Hunter jobs to start with as you will be doing these things often.

3. Gather necessary building tools and supplies.
You are not going to want to waste precious daylight. The nights are very hard for new players.
Start punching trees and mining some cobblestone. If it is already night when you join, make a quick temporary home underground and focus on mining. Otherwise feel free to start working on a home wherever you like.

4. Claiming.
Griefers suck. Plain and simple (For this type of server anyway) and even though griefing is bannable we provide handy tools to prevent such a thing from happening.
To claim your first piece of land all you need to do is place a chest on it.
Afterwards you will need a golden shovel to expand your claim.
Here is a list of useful commands to help manage your claim and provide access to your friends

After you have claimed your land its time to set your home so you respawn here if you die. You can do this by typing ./sethome to create your spawn point.

5. Mining for supplies.
Now that you have a house and protected land its time to mine. You will need tools and gear to survive so make sure you dig up plenty of ore. Create spare armor and tools to mine, fight and farm. Be careful as some mobs do spawn underground and are usually tougher the deeper you go.

6. Get started on a farm.
You will need to have a renewable source of food. My recommendation is to start working on a wheat farm. Be sure that this farm is protected with light from torches as well as a fence if it is not underground.

7. Time to fight.
Now that you are all set up its time to fight some monsters!
I recommend first looking at the list of tiers we seperate mobs and gear into. You can see the tier list by typing "/kit tiers" in the chat.
When night comes go outside and start picking fights with the creatures of Teldaria. Doing so yields great benefits as mobs drop good gear from weapons to tools and armor.
Be sure to choose your fights wisely though. Some monsters are really tough for beginners. You will need to fight monsters around the tier of your armor and weapons.
I recommend staying around your home fighting monsters so you can easily retrieve your gear if you die.
You can keep track of what mobs you have faced by typing "/mobs" in the chat. This will bring up a pokedex style bestiary of monsters you have fought. Beating monsters unlocks them here so you can read more details about them. amongst that information are pro tips from the devs on how to make your next encounter with each monster go more smoothly.
It is best to stick to fights around your gears tier.
From this point on you should be fighting mobs whenever you feel you can win. As this is one of the best ways to improve your character.
As you fight these monsters you will also gain battle experience points which are used to progress your character and unlock extra health. The maximum character level at the time of this post is 500. You can unlock up to 10 extra hearts by reaching this level. You will also hone your skills with bows and swords unlocking abilities such as serrated strikes which causes foes to bleed taking additional damage. Pretty much every action you do will improve your character in some way.

8. Search for easter eggs.
Easter eggs are a very good way to gather money.
Easter eggs are non hostile entities that roam around the world. You can discover them by right clicking on them. This will add them to your easter egg list which you can view by typing "/eastereggs" in chat. Each easter egg yields an average of $750! You can only obtain each easter egg once though so getting them early in the game is going to benefit you a lot more than later on.

9. Find Strangers
Strangers are also a good way to load up on gear and cash, but can be a risky venture as not all strangers will treat you well after you discover them.
Strangers pop up all over the place in Teldaria. They shout out their coordinates to travelers nearby so you can find them easier.
Think of Strangers as living "Lucky Blocks" if you are familiar with that mod/plugin.

10. Start attending the mob arenas.
Mob arenas are a very good way to sharpen your actual combat skills in a risk free environment. Mob arenas provide rewards for completing them ranging from gear to items. They are challenging but as you progress you will find them easier to complete.

11. Rank up.
Now that you have some spare cash considering upgrading your player rank. Doing so unlocks new capabilities for you. There are plenty ranks to go through. Each requiring a steeper fee and more play time but is very much worth the trouble. You can view the ranks by typing "/ranks" in the chat.

12. Crush that unused gear.
By now you will have lots of gear that you do not find yourself using. Plenty of tools and armor from tiers that are below what you currently use.
The good news is you don't have to let it go to waste!
Take your gear to the item crusher at spawn and turn it into essence!
Essence is a key ingredient to crafting much better gear through the item crafter at spawn. You will need some bottles and essence but you can refine those items into much better gear this way by taking lower tier bottles and combining them into higher tiers.

13. Repairing your gear.
Your good gear may be pretty worn out at this point.
The good news is you can repair it at any anvil you come across for a fee.
Just right click the anvil with the gear you want to repair and you can easily repair it by following the on screen prompts.

14. Time to go to the nether.
Before entering the nether I recommend you having full Hellish or Fatal gear.
The nether is a dangerous place full of high level monsters.
Be sure you are prepared before going.

15. Participate in PvP
By joining PvP arenas you can pit yourself against other travellers of Teldaria for some extra fun. By doing so you will gain plenty of rewards and opportunities to get new gear.
Keep in mind though that the gear you use to fight mobs is not the gear you want to use to fight other players. There is special PVP gear sets available in the PvP fight hub. You will need to work your way up to those sets by getting elo from fighting.

16. Vote for us!
We spent many many many long days and nights perfecting this server into what it is now and we are STILL making changes daily. Vote for us because we are fighting for your affection. If we've earned it you can rest assured will will reciprocate it. Thank you for your time and ENJOY!

17. The world is yours.
Teldaria has many nice surprises to it that are not covered here.
Explore the world and discover what's in store ;)

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