Get Ready... This should be interesting.

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Teldaria is one of the many servers that revolves around a certain item. In this case, the economy depends on melons. Multiple huge melon farms have been built. Whether it's 1 chunk, 5 chunks, 10 chunks, you name it, it's probably on Teldaria.

But this sparks a new question; how big can we go? For anyone who asks this question frequently, I have an answer for you. Introducing my newest project *insert drumroll*... the 64 Chunk Melon Farm.

I've been planning to do this for a long time, and I now think the time has finally come.

If you are willing to join in this massive project, pm Pandabush. Donations of dirt, smooth stone, and $$$ are always accepted. Members who participate in this project will have free access to the melon farm once it is completed.
I Welcome YOU, to join the 64 Chunk Melon Farm Project!


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Do members include Staff too? xD because then I want to join in on it as well :) I'm pretty experienced making melon farms already so ;)
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