Fishing Competition

I think it would be nice if the server had that plug in for the fishing competitions MORE FISH I think that's what it called. Anyways I have notice lots of people like to fish on this server, I do sell a lot of fishing poles. There are lots of people whining about being bored this would give them some friendly competition and something else to do. this is a very popular feature on other servers
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I completely agree with this idea! I love fishing myself, and though the length of fish does not change much, it still just makes it more interesting. If you want I was planning to have a fishing competition sometime soon. Would you like to work together on the idea/ competition? If so, could you give me some times you will be on?
Thank You
panda I love your enthusiasm but what I'm actually talking about is a fishing competition plugin of sorts that ive seen on other servers. it actually has a running timer across the top of you screen when the tournament is running and it is something controlled by the server and not player initiated