Different chat channels

Apologies if this has been suggested before, i couldn't see it and was too lazy to look through Deltas suggestions documents (tl;dr sorry delta)
but I feel multiple chat channels would be a great benefit to the server, they've worked quite well on a number of the servers I've been on allowing for a smoother chat, it just filters chat a bit so it's easier to see and you can leave/join the channels as you want. The generic channels could be General/all chat, a channel for trade, one for recruitment, one for help/support, etc, and if they're all slightly different colours it's easy to differentiate which channel the chat is coming from. It wouldn't make chat seem empty because they'd all still be visible (unless you left the channel personally (you can make it so they can't leave specific/important channels )) but it'd be a bit easier to see, especially if there are 3 or 4 different conversations going on at once.
Local chat would also be nice, so if two or three people are working together in relatively close proximity talking to each other, it's not broadcast to the entire server (without having to sue PM's in game)

you can also set up channels so only specific people can see and chat, so a donator channel, a staff channel for example.
Just read through your suggestions, Nice job on that big one, that must have taken some effort

I'd have to disagree with your comment on the chat channels though, having moderated servers with multiple chat channels, the only thing that makes it harder is the initial setup of the channels, muting someone is just as easy as not having the custom channels as you can globally mute someone, or muting them from a specific channel is only a few of characters extra in the command. (e.g. "/ch mute trade wakka9876")

Adding a single page to the FAQ book would be more than enough to explain to new players what the new channels are, and the people who intentionally talk in the wrong channels are the same people who'd spam chat just for fun and to get banned anyway, the players usually moderate themselves in the majority of instances

I feel the pros easily outweigh the cons, but that's just a personal opinion