[Denied] There is a misunderstanding.

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2- Darkfire?
3- 5/12/2018
4- Not sure my client, optifine for dynamic lite.
5-Assumed I was using xray.
6- I assume that they think I was breaking the xray rule.
7- No pics. Never thought id need pictures or film.
8- I don't know if there was a button to agree to rules, but i have read them.
9- I understand newer appeal replace older ones.
10- I random mine. I go to diamond level, or close to bedrock, and literally mine in several, random, unorganized directions in random locations. I know its not the most efficient way to mine, but its the easiest way for me to enjoy mining, Mining in lines. strip mining, is too repetitive, and clearing a chunk is just a lot of work. So i mine to the left a bit, then right, use breaker to clear an area, spice it up by going right and then left immediately. I can see how it looks like xray hacking, but it wasn't. Do i think Ill get unbanned for making an appeal? Absolutely not. I just didn't know that my way of mining was so unpredictable that it would be confused as xray mining,
Not open for further replies.