[Denied] RE RE RE Appeal

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2- Darkfire
3- 5/12/2018
4- My client is Optifine
5-Banned for X-ray
6- Breaking Xray Rule
7- No pics. Never they would become necessary.
8- Rules Read
9- I understand newer appeal replace older ones.
10- The evidence suggests that I was X-ray mining. So, I'm just going to go with the evidence and formerly apologize for x-rays. Regardless of how much I want to deny these accusations, I'm not going to go up against evidence that was verified by 3 staff members to exist, each with their own experiences and expertise. Anyway, I am basically appealing my case in a different way. I am not denying the charges and allegations against me and wish for a chance to redeem myself. If given the chance to redeem myself, I vow to never partake in the use of X-rays or any hack tools. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and good day.

Not open for further replies.