[Denied] ban apeal

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1- Site your IGN: kidneb321
2- Who Banned you: alphachino1414
3- Ban Date: 2018/03/28
4- Client Version Wurst it has over 100 hacks on it i used Xray Tracer
5- Reason for the ban: Xray
6- What Rule did you break?: Hacking
7- Do you have any evidence (Pictures / Videos) that you can use to support your appeal: N/A No
8- I Have Read and Agreed To All Of The Rules?: Ye
9- Do you understand that if you make another Appeal while one is still pending that the older one(s) will be removed? (Y/N): Y
10- Appeal to Plead your Case / Explanat: i was xraying bc i wanted to make my farm bigger and not use my money bc it was eseyer to just xray them i wil not use any hacks mods or packs that are not allowd on the server anymore /to alpha: i hope i wrote everything right like u know my english isnt that good pls send me a email of what i wrote wrong if it was pleas
The ban was for Xray but there were clearly other issues at play. What interested me most is how you were able to acquire the amount of cash you did and zombie picks to mine all those spawners in so little time. As a result, this appeal has been denied.
Not open for further replies.